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Free Tax Preparation

There are many free tax preparation and e-filing programs available to qualified individuals who needs to file federal and state tax returns.

Free Online Tax Preparation

Individuals who are familiar with computers and internet can file their tax return free online using one of the tax software.

Free Tax Software

Most of the leading tax software companies like Intuit which makes , , and have a free version available to everyone. There is no eligibility criterion to satisfy to use these software’s. Most the free tax software’s are the entry level and supports the basic tax forms and are suitable for simple tax returns.

Free File programs

IRS and State Revenue Agencies are working with private Tax Software companies to offer their tax software program free of charge to qualified individuals. Free online tax preparation and e-filing of federal tax return is possible using one of the tax software from the Free File program. State Free File program is similar to Federal free file program to offer state tax filing.

The Free file program have eligibility criteria set by individual companies. Most common criteria to qualify for free tax program is that individuals income should be less than $57,000 or less. Additional criteria’s like age, state, EITC eligibility, military status etc. may be used. All these vendors require accessing their software from their links on the free file website.

Free Professional Tax Preparation

The IRS administer a program called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to offer free tax preparation to qualified taxpayers. The administration of this free tax preparation programs is by non-profit groups within the community. IRS provides training to volunteers.

AARP also organize free preparation sites mainly for eligible senior citizens. They work with IRS VITA program for training and conducting the tax preparation sites.

Free State and Local Taxes

If your state participate in the State Free File program and you qualify as per the eligibility criteria set by one of the participating companies in your state, you will be able to use their tax software to file your state tax return. When it comes to City taxes, you may have file paper return or may have to depend on a Tax Professional to prepare and file your City Income Taxes.

If you are taking help of a tax professional at VITA sites, they will be able to file your state and local taxes along with your federal taxes.

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