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123Easytaxfiling is a very basic online tax preparation and e-filing software. The tax software uses very primitive user interface and website does not look professional at all. Software supports very limited tax forms and has more limitations than features to list.

It has some limitations like it can't be used for decedent returns, Non-resident alien returns, Foreign & C/O address, etc. For complete list of limitations check the supported forms sections of website. 123Easytaxfiling is working on more and more forms every year and you need to check their websites for the latest list of supported forms before start using this tax software.
123Easytaxfiling supports limited number of state tax return preparation. You need to complete your state returns while preparing your federal return. They charge fee for additional services and even tax questions costs ($9.95). A definite no to this software and it qualify to be in better avoid category

Last Updated ( Friday, 04 February 2011 00:39 )